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Philips Signage solutions heeft gekozen voor Info booster als partner om een complete stabiele en betrouwbare narrowcasting product aan te bieden. De bundel van solide en betrouwbare hardware van Philips en de gebruikersvriendelijkheid van Info Booster geeft je de ultieme gebruikers ervaring! Info Booster ondersteund officieel de Philips SmartCMS player welke is geïntegreerd in de meeste displays van Philips Signage Solutions. Klik hier voor meer informatie.

Philips Signage Solutions product range

Elk project heeft haar eigen eisen. Hieronder vindt u de product range van Philips Signage Solutions. Voor meer informatie kunt u contact opnemen met onze sales afdeling. U kunt ook rechtstreeks contact opnemen met Philips Signage solutions voor meer informatie.

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 MMD Philips Q-line  MMD Philips E-line
 MMD Philips Vline  MMD Philips Videowall
Q-line solutions are perfect for everyday use – especially in 16/7 operations. Designed for relatively basic signage solutions for spaces like waiting rooms, sports centers and quick service restaurants. The displays with edge-backlit LED technology consume an average of 40% less power than CCFL technology so you will also save on your energy bill. Make your marketing messages come alive with the startling clarity of E-line solutions. Designed for 24/7 day-in day-out performance. The eye-catching and sustainable design fits perfectly in any retail environment. What’s more, with the E-line you can look forward to lowering your TCO and maximize your ROI. In the most demanding environments, performance matters. You need a display that will captivate your audience. The stunning picture quality and sophisticated slim and lightweight design is ideally suited for transportation and corporate environments to get your message across both effectively and professionally. Think big. Think style. Think power. The Philips zero-bezel displays can be used in virtually any videowall setup to get your message across loud and clear. A host of advanced solutions make configuration fast, maintenance easy and performance simply outstanding. Moreover Philips is the technology leader in glasses-free 3D and multi-user touch videowall solutions.

 MMD Philips Signage Solutions

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